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5 Must-Have Newborn Photo Props

Becoming a sort after newborn photographer will always begin with your prop collection. Having the right photo props plays a major role in how creative you will be with your photo shoot. Initially, you want to provide little model with the best comfort during the shoot. To create captivating photos for proud parents, your props must evoke a wow factor making the little model look like a piece of heaven on earth.

Use this list of 5 items as a guide to build your prop collection.

1. Photography backdrops

When you want to keep the tiny model at centerstage, vinyl backdrops will do the trick. You can choose a solid color or realistic wood texture that highlights your images without overpowering your model. To create a vintage look, accessorize your model with dark brown or a lighter shade. This will bring full attention to the baby’s adorable, smiling face. When paired with baskets, bowls and crates, this prop will be a wonderful asset.

2. Beanbag and beanbag backdrops

Using items that will keep the little baby comfortable is priceless. Beanbags are sure to make it easy to fall asleep for the baby. When you are starting your business, you can improvise by using a sofa or couch and covering it with a soft stretchy backdrop. Beanbag blankets are available in an array of colors and textures. Since they are neutral shades, you can use them for boys and girls. Sprinkle some character by using a contrasting headband, adorable hats, or wraps with a little pattern to keep things sleek and interesting.

3. Wraps

Looking for a pair of really good wraps can be a complete nightmare! Use wraps that match with beanbag backdrops to create a complete and harmonious set. You can find wraps in an array of colors and textures, but the most important aspect is to choose soft and stretchy wraps. A great set up is to use the wrap with a matching hat, headband, or leave the naked model to steal the show.

4. Bowls, baskets and crates

Let your imagination run wild by accentuating the bowl with flowers, fur, vintage crotchet shawls, and more. From a love heart, to praying hands, nothing spells comfort and style better than bowls, baskets and crates. This prop can be combined with solid color backdrops to create a tantalizing scene. Create a heavenly look and feel, so your little model appears like a sleeping little angel surrounded by flowers to give your image that extra breathtaking moment.

5. Hats and headbands

Hats and headbands are excellent attention grabbers and can be used as the sole accessory on a photo. Use a bow, little flowers or pearls to show how adorable a little girl can be. Let the band take the centerstage and draw the focus to the baby as it contrasts or complements your design. There are many lush varieties that expose the inviting smile of a little angel.

The different assortments in props are so vast that it’s easy to buy a lot of them. However, a few pieces can create beautiful images. You must make sure that the props are comfortable for the baby. As you start your newborn photography adventure, remember the fewer props you use the better. The baby should always remain as the centerpiece, but props add character and charm.

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