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5 stunning inspirations for newborn photography set up

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Don’t spend hours preparing your photo sessions! Here are some easy set up ideas to mix & match tons of photo props.

These stunning inspirations are sure to keep your propping ideas flowing. When we say, “LESS IS MORE” we are not losing our minds. Instead, we want to show you some examples that will look fabulous without all the clutter.

When nestled in this stretchy white lace wrap, your sleeping beauty will peacefully create a perfect image. White lace gives a vintage feel to your photos and makes it a perfect accessory for your newborn. Pair it with impressive arrays of colors from our beanbag collection your clients will adore for life. Use a headband to compliment your newborn and draw attention where it’s to be.

Featured photo props: White lace wrap

and White beanbag backdrop

Photo courtesy of Aparatka Fotografia

You will find that this playful, yet commanding scenery draws attention directly to your little one. This beanbag backdrop with a wispy texture plays a significant role in this image. The solid color creates a dazzling background and cover for the little baby girl surrounded by gorgeous tulips. Even more, add a simple yet eye-catching detail on your sleeping model by contrasting the image colors with a white headband.

Featured photo props: Beanbag backdrop "Alex"

Photo courtesy of Bellies and Blooms Photography - by Nada Massoud

Using your artistic abilities as a photographer, you must keep an eye on the perfect combination of a classy background and comfort for newborns. This piece is made with precisely that in mind. This heavyweight newborn photography prop provides a perfect solid background giving you unlimited creativity. To create this simple, classy pose, all you need is your model, and a hat along with the solid background of your choice. Lay the little one perfectly on the posing fabric and take your endearing photos.

Featured photo props: Simple Newborn hat and Capuccino beanbag backdrop

Photo courtesy of Aparatka Fotografia

Pampering your clients with handmade lace wraps will lead to stunning images. The lace adds a beautiful texture developing unique character in every photo. Be sure to stuff the basket with comfortable layering pieces. Cover the little angel with soft, lace and a featherlight blanket for added warmth. Parents will fall in love with their little ones all over again with this piece.

Featured photo props: Lace newborn blanket

Photo courtesy of Nicole Hecht Fotografie

Here is another very easy setup. Providing premium, soft and stretchy backdrop fabric makes the tiny model cozy and lulls them to sleep. This pose is one of the best yet simple to execute. Just wrap your little angel with posing fabric and complement it with a solid the same color background. The scene brings full attention to the baby and the green leaves on her beautiful flowery headband.

Featured photo props: White beanbag backdrop

Photo courtesy of Agnieszka Oko Fotografia

Remember, the objective is to take pictures that will bring the total focus on the little baby. Props are a great addition to your newborn shoot. They add texture and poise, therefore, creating the perfect photo shoot.

In our shop you will find lots of beautiful, versatile and comfortable to use accessories. Click HERE to shop our photo props collection! Please sign up for our newsletter, you will get 10% off your order.


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