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How to choose Newborn Beanbag Blanket

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

Choosing newborn beanbag backdrops seems easy, huh? As a photographer, you know already that the blankets you use on a beanbag determine the look of the photos.

So how do you choose the best? With these tips, you will save time and money.

Keep in mind that creating a smooth and wrinkle-free backdrop makes newborn photography look more magnificent.

The Color Is Important

When choosing colors make sure that they complement the other props you may have. Avoid using too many different patterns of colors. They tend to shift the tone of your photos making them look in bad taste. Also, newborns are tiny and can easily get lost in some prints. Besides, shiny colors are hard to edit and can destroy your lovely photo.

Get Neutral Backdrops

Neutral backdrops will be a great start. They match the baby’s skin creating a balance with your photographs. You should consider having a collection of newborn beanbag backdrops. Having a variety will prepare you for any photo shoot requests. Most importantly, neutral colors are perfect for both genders. Include some throw pillows to warm up the photos. Check out our choice of colors.

It Should Be Stretchy

Wrinkles in your backdrops are not your friends. Seeking out the stretchy features will reduce your time spent editing the photos. You can thank me later ;-)

Texture equal comfort

Texture is very important. The backdrop blanket should be soft and fluffy when creating the baby’s nest. Yet, beautiful enough to compliment the photos. Stay away from textures that look too busy and overbearing. A tightly woven newborn beanbag blanket gives photos a good look and doesn’t seem to swallow the tiny baby. Shiny textures are also not your friend, besides might irritate the delicate newborn, so stay away from them.

Baby girls look gorgeous in lace! But be mindful of their feel; seek out stretchy lace. A newborn need to be as comfortable as possible. If you choose to use overlay fabrics make sure the fabric underneath has a similar tone because lace is see-through.


Having no idea of what to get as a newborn beanbag backdrop for your photography session is terrible. You may end up using gaudy pieces and colors that do not add brilliance to the final captures.

Choosing newborn beanbag backdrops are very important. Above all, learning how to handle the newborn baby is equally important. Becoming skilled at taking their photos while asleep or awake is a plus. For instance, they’re likely to be fussy, cry and make the whole session difficult. So, be mindful of the blankets or anything used for props that may make the baby uncomfortable.

Be sure to warm up your studio, prepare soft and nice to the touch accessories. Pairing your artistic skills with the right newborn beanbag backdrop, will have parents trooping in with their newborns in droves. What are you waiting for?

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Choosing newborn beanbag backdrops seems easy, huh? As a beginner, you need to know that the blankets you use on a beanbag determine the look of the photos.

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