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The ultimate Christmas props for Newborn Photography

Christmas is about fun and family! Everyone loves this time of the year! Especially newborn parents. So, providing unique, handmade Christmas newborn photo props should be at the top of your list.

Now, adding an extra dose of Christmas cheer to your newborn holiday photos using our selection of photo props is sure to impress this holiday season.

Choose your favorite newborn accessories and strike unforgettable images during Holidays with these signature props!

We’ve selected 10 different props for you to choose from, so, stocking up for all your Christmas themed photos will be delightful. These newborn photo props are great for studio and on the go!

  1. Newborn Snowman Outfit - Amaia Photo Props

  2. Red Christmas Newborn Outfit - Amaia Photo props

  3. Christmas Flower Crown - Little Lady Accessory

  4. Santa Sleigh Digital Backdrop - JMPdigitals

  5. Felted Chocolate Cookies - Esart Felt

  6. Felted Milk - Fairy Dreams By Kamelia

  7. Felted White Reindeer Rudolph - Wee Art Studio

  8. Christmas Bed and Fireplace Digital Backdrop - AHM Studio

  9. Wooden Sleigh - Handy Andy Finds

  10. Red Mini Pillow - Amaia Photo Props

Our carefully selected list of Christmas props was created with you in mind so that you can please your customers with many awesome captures. There will be no guessing of how our handmade newborn props will help you impress your customers this holiday season.

And at affordable prices that will fit in with your budget, building your inventory is super simple!

Ready to capture the festive atmosphere and create unforgettable images? Visit our shop HERE and find even more Christmas accessories that will charm your customers!

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